What’s Involved in the Video Production Process?

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There is a stark difference between perfect results and fast execution as far as video production is concerned. Massive video productions take a long time to film and edit.

A specific process will be followed and several people will be involved in the process.

Video Production – An Organic Process

Instead of a mechanical process, video production is an organic process in which sequences of the dynamic procedures are linked to a central idea that will be developed.

Great storytelling, innovation, videography, directing, improvising, and editing are all necessary to come up with the best result.

Every process requires attention and care and will have an effect on the time necessary for completing the video production process. Video creation is an evolving process that turns into a living entity once it comes to life.

How Long Does Video Production Take?

Corporate video production starts several days before turning on the first light and capturing the first shot.

When a company decides to grow its business using video production, they have to schedule meetings with marketing and sales teams to identify objectives and goals.

New ideas regarding product or service promotion to potential clients are great ways of using video.

A lot of questions surface during this stage. Is the video going to be put up online, or in regional or national TV? What target section of the market and focus will be affected? How long will video production take? Who will make it?

The Script

The specific message that will be shared should be explained during the first few minutes of commercial TV time. Websites will provide several minutes more for promotional aid. Ideas indicated in the script must be shown in the video.

A carefully detailed script is going to help you save time. It is recommended to hire a professional scriptwriter to make the whole process faster and will communicate your message as briefly as possible.

It may take a few hours or even several days to come up with a great script. This will depend on how complex the idea is as well as the number of rewrites it has to undergo to make it perfect and polished.

Best Equipment and Location for Your Video

It may also take several days or weeks to look for an ideal location and get the best equipment, depending on the production’s needs. The best choice can speed up the process.

The days of the actual filming may need several days or weeks. In video production, many conditions or events may slow down the process. Scenes are often recorded numerous times to achieve the perfect result.

The number of locations and the script will help determine the number of days it will be required to film the video. The production may have to be split over several days because of factors such as availability of actors, events, weather, and resources.

Video production can do wonders in growing and expanding your business. Careful planning, perfect development of every step, and attention to detail will lead to success.

SEO – Keyword Research for Your Niche Websites

So today we are going to talk a little bit about keyword research.

So to start off just let me say that if you ask 20 different marketers about how they do keyword research, you will probably get 20 different answers. So I am going to talk about how I do keyword research.

The first thing I normally do when I decide on a niche is to explore the niche a little bit first. I am looking for phrases that are common to that niche that I may not be aware of. Some of the ways to do this would be to go to a bookstore and start looking through some of the books related to this niche. You could pick up the book for further research later, or just write down some of the phrases you see that are related to this niche. At this point I really wouldn’t buy the book since you really don’t know if this will even be a good niche until you do some more keyword research.

Another way is to just hit the magazine rack in any bookstore, drugstore, or even your local Wal-Mart. Again, just glance through magazines that are related to your niche. One important note here would be to take a look at the ads and see what is selling. This will come into play more later as we try to determine the commercial value of a keyword.

One more way is through Amazon.com. On some of the books you can actually look at a few pages inside the book. You can use this to find some phrases unique to your chosen niche.

Once you have some phrases that are common to this niche it’s time to head back to your computer for a little digging. Keyword digging, that is!

All you have to do is type in a keyword into the box below where it says “Enter one keyword or phrase per line:”, leave the “Use Synonyms” checked, type in the captcha code, and press the button that says “Get Keyword Ideas”.

The next thing I like to do at this point is to click on the column header for the previous month’s search volume. This sorts the list so that the most searched for phrases are at the top. (If your’s has the least searched for at the top, then just click the header again).

Next, I like to click on the dropdown box called ‘Match Type’ above the last column and select the phrase match. The reason for this will become clear shortly.

OK, now I like to scroll to the bottom of the list ‘Keywords related to term(s) entered’ and where it says ‘Download all keywords:’ I will click on the one that says .csv (for excel). This gives me a comma-separated list of all the keywords with the search volume still intact. At this point, you can import it into either Microsoft Excel or, my preference, Open Office.

You will now have a list of keywords with the search volume for the past month and a column with the average search volume over the past 12 months. There is also a column for ‘Advertiser Competition’ and unless you are planning on doing Adwords or any other PPC ads (which I would not recommend at this point), I would go ahead and either remove the column or at least move it to the last column and out of the way for now.

While you still have your keyword list open in the Google Adwords Tool, there is one more thing I want you to take a look at and that is at the very bottom of the first list of keywords that we just exported. There is a list of keywords called ‘Additional keywords to consider’. This is another great place for getting additional keywords and keyword phrases for additional keyword research. (Just don’t get carried away as this can be an endless process if you let it).

The next step would be to repeat this whole process using the other keywords and keyword phrases that you have come up with.

NOTE: I like to create a tab for each keyword phrase that I get numbers for at this point. We will combine them later as we get closer to finding those keyword phrases that we want to focus on.